From working, growing, and expanding in the service delivery business since 1998, an idea, a concept was born. Today, work hours are longer, traffic heavier, with social media tools holding us accountable to those family members, business associates, and friends interacting with us during our daily lives. The Essential Butler saves you detours and time, with wide-ranging options, choices, and gift packages. This, without compromising the quality of the products or services provided. Our goal is genuine. By entrusting us with your gift package delivery or event, or supplying your office with the essential products needed for a meeting, you allow us to give back a gift of our own…time!





The Essential Butler website has created thematic packages featuring various products and services. We can use these as marketing and advertising tools to sell our concepts and ideas. These have been created for the time-sensitive customer. We have packaged the thought to compliment the occasion. Our service also includes timely, professional delivery to the designated recipient.


If interested in browsing through our site for a more customized gift package, no problem. Our product selections have been thoughtfully displayed with pictures and information. Standard add-on’s such as glassware, chocolates, candles, and ballons appear at the bottom of each page. Our shopping cart system allows users to add to their order, see items purchased, with cost calculations done for you. Every click of the mouse, allows you to create the gift that shows it could only come from you!


By designing ways to make the customer gift experience as complete and special as possible we are creating a niche market for The Essential Butler. We’re offering partners an opportunity to take advantage of our marketing and advertising campaigns, by being visible on our website in your selected category, with a hyper-link to your business and it’s services.


Gift certificates, products and services, will be available for customers to add to their virtual shopping cart, and added to gift packages for delivery.


Please do not hesitate to contact us, to find out more about including your business in the Essential Butler gift experience.